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this may or may not be cyclogenesis [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
I like you.

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all we need is a little bit of momentum [Feb. 28th, 2012|02:13 am]
I like you.
A whole lotta feelings about Gossip Girl, y'all.Collapse )

I've seen three shows in the past week, which is way more than I usually see because I've been having a run of bad luck lately when I get into a band and then I'm like I'll go see them!! and then they're like "lol nope because we're not touring right now/only playing in Europe/based in New Zealand (*slants a look in The Naked and Famous' direction*)/going into the studio for eight years and then TALKING ABOUT MOVING IN A SLEIGH BELLS-Y DIRECTION BECAUSE YOU SPECIFICALLY WANT ME TO DIE, TEGAN BE MY GIRLFRIEND QUIN" so anyway, yeah, haven't been going to as many shows as I'd like. But then last Tuesday I went to see Sleigh Bells at the Mayan with molokomolotov, and then on Thursday I won tickets to see DEV at a club that was actually right next door to the Mayan, weirdly, and took clarkward with me, and then Jessa and I saw JJAMZ at the Satellite tonight, so, cut tag I guess: Concert reviews/chatter - Sleigh Bells, DEV, JJAMZ.Collapse )

That's a lot of text I just wrote behind those cut tags. What else? park_hye_in is coming tomorrow (I met her through this LJ about seven years ago! whattt), and we're going to eat all the tacos in Los Angeles (well, she is), and Georgina and Serena it UP, and she's not bringing clothes so I'm going to dress her up like a paper doll all week long, and then on Friday we're having a party. Probably we'll also go to a museum and Venice Beach, for which I bought an obnoxious sequined tank top.

I saw This Means War, which is just about the gayest thing that ever happened. It made me find Tom Hardy attractive, which is the WEIRDEST thing that's ever happened, because I've had issues with his face for awhile but idk I guess he's kind of charming? Anyway, I actually really like McG and always have, he has a great aesthetic. I think I like things with really bright colors because I have sort of bad eyesight. I used to watch CSI:Miami as well, which is a very, very vividly colored show. I respond well to really blue skies. Also, fuck, Chris Pine is amazingly attractive. Also, fuck fuck, the new Star Trek is filming in town, so where can I find Benedict Cumberbatch? Tonight Jessa discussed the relative cuteness of the children we could have with him, but of course in order for that to happen we have to happen to run into him wherever he is, so that he can fall in love with me, and no one need ever mention the porn I have written about him. Jessa kindly conceded that she would hand over Martin Freeman if such a situation ever came up, but I might have to fight her on Benedict.

Other than that, according to my still-open Chrome tabs, this week I have been doing the following: reading reams of Dean/Castiel porn (important: do you have any recs? I have only plumbed AO3's highest hit counts, because I'm not in SPN fandom at all and in fact don't even watch it beyond looking at gifs on Tumblr and thinking to myself that I would read porn about a virgin angel played by Misha Collins and then...doing that), listening to old Hush Sound tracks (what up, So Sudden!), poking at OKCupid, reading John/Sherlock fic, putting off reading very long John/Sherlock fic, going to tea websites and adding lots of teas to my shopping cart and then not buying them because I have enough tea (but I want moooore), and looking at Dair gifs ALL THE LIVE-LONG DAY. A pretty good time, frankly.
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Fic: Demons (Vampire Diaries, Elena/Rebekah, explicit) [Feb. 16th, 2012|07:03 pm]
I like you.
Real talk though, I just wanted to post today so I could post this before tonight's episode, but it's already done on the east coast so I'm Jossed as hell. Whatever!

Vampire Diaries
NC-17, slight dubcon warning
Not my characters, obviously.
Immediate post-ep for 3.14, Dangerous Liaisons.
After sleeping with Damon, Rebekah finds Elena so she can brag. But that's not quite the way things end up going.

Fuck Elena Gilbert.Collapse )
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you'll go away, but you'll come back someday [Feb. 16th, 2012|05:08 pm]
I like you.
Hello old friends! This is addictedkitten, or at least it was until I picked up a rename token and switched it over to cyclogenesis about an hour ago. So, I guess, actually, it’s Sara, but that’s who it’s been all along. Did I mention hello?

I’ve been writing fanfiction again. This is something that I haven’t done on a regular basis since 2009. I got super into BBC Sherlock, and started reading a lot and having a lot of ideas, and starting a lot of things and then quailing at the self-imposed pressure and decided to just do something real simple instead and answer a few prompts on the Porn Battle instead of trying to write a “story” with “plot” and “character arcs” or whatever. And then, of course, none of those prompts ended up being Sherlock prompts (unless RPF counts, in which case I guess my first Sherlock story is Benedict Cumberbatch/Martin Freeman? uhhhh yep).

I wrote three ficlet things, except one ended up being over 2000 words because what is brevity, and I was posting them at the DW Porn Battle post using the cyclogenesis username I parked over there. I’ve been expressing my fannish interests over at Tumblr for the last few years, where I’m also cyclogenesis. Oh man, this is getting so long-winded. The point is it felt wrong to be writing and only posting on AO3, and I want to have a public fannish journal again, and it made the most sense to switch this one over because it has like eight years worth of fanfiction on it, so here I am.

Life-wise, in the years since I last updated this journal, I have done as follows: a year and three months ago, I moved to Los Angeles. I’ve wanted to move to LA since I was seven years old and my parents moved us from California to Washington. I considered LA for college, I considered it again when I was living in Washington again after school, but decided on Las Vegas instead. It feels really nice to finally be living in the city where I’ve always meant to end up. I’ll be here for the long haul. I live in a rad little apartment across the street from a gorgeous, huge park. I can see the Hollywood sign from the top of my steps, and I can walk to Sunset Boulevard (for example, to my favorite vegan restaurant in Los Angeles, where I am currently sitting and typing this while enjoying a green juice and plate of breads and dips).

I don’t really keep up with bandom things anymore, except for the very far reaches of the tiny LA bands contingent - I go see JJAMZ when they play around here, but that’s about it. I saw The Young Veins a handful of times when they were touring, and that was really great. I miss going to see lots of shows on a tour, so hopefully Tegan & Sara will get it in gear and then ivyenglish and I can go and make a Tegan & Sara & Sara & Sara time of it, and then Tegan will marry one or both of us, and we can call it a happy, happy day. Musically right now I’m super obsessed with Reign of Terror, the new Sleigh Bells album - looking forward to seeing them at the Mayan next week. Also been listening a lot to The Naked and Famous, Company of Thieves, The National, The Donnas, PJ Harvey, and, eternally, Paramore, who seem to be the FBR band I listen to the most in my car. Haha, FBR! You guys, we used to care so much.

My days of dressing ridiculously are certainly coming to a middle: These last few weeks I have been obsessed with sequins.Collapse )

I’ve put up the stories I’ve written so far here on this journal and backdated them. Here are they are:

Brick - Sherlock RPF, Benedict Cumberbatch/Martin Freeman
The Biggest Scandals of Blair Waldorf’s Week - Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf/Dan Humphrey
Endless Loop - The Runaways, Joan Jett/Cherie Currie

They are all pornographic, because you know how I do. In a little bit I’m going to post another story, in none of those fandoms. What is consistency? I don’t know.

So, anyway, I’m back! If you are still around and want to defriend, please feel free, no hard feelings. My current fandoms/things I’m likely to talk and write fanfiction about in the future are roughly as follows: Gossip Girl (Dan/Blair!), Vampire Diaries (all pairings! All of them!), Sherlock, Sherlock RPF, and whatever else might strike my fancy (I’ve been reading Captain America slash lately. Idk! Sebastian Stan!!). I will also update about my actual life on a somewhat limited basis.

I can be found elsewhere as follows:

cyclogenesis@ao3 (working on uploading everything here. it is a SLOW AND ANNOYING PROCESS)
cyclogenesis@dreamwidth (I will probably start cross-posting here?)
cyclogenesis@formspring (do people still do formspring? it was A Thing for awhile)

That's it! Hi everyone!
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Fic: The Biggest Scandals of Blair Waldorf’s Week (Gossip Girl, Dan/Blair, NC-17) [Feb. 13th, 2012|03:58 pm]
I like you.
[Tags|, ]

I wrote this for the Porn Battle. It ended up being 2106 words long.

The Biggest Scandals of Blair Waldorf’s Week
Gossip Girl, Dan/Blair, NC-17
It’s telling that the biggest scandal of Blair’s week isn’t getting photographed kissing Dan Humphrey.Collapse )
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Fic: Brick (Sherlock BBC RPF, Benedict Cumberbatch/Martin Freeman, NC-17) [Feb. 12th, 2012|04:20 pm]
I like you.
Another for the porn battle.

Sherlock RPF, Martin/Benedict, NC-17
This is sexual harassment, and Benedict doesn’t have to take it.Collapse )
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Fic: Endless Loop, The Runaways, Joan Jett/Cherie Currie, NC-17 [Feb. 11th, 2012|04:22 pm]
I like you.
Endless Loop
The Runaways, Joan/Cherie, NC-17
And it doesn't stop, the wanting.Collapse )
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epic last song [Nov. 12th, 2009|09:46 pm]
I like you.
All my abandoned works in progress are here: unfetished.

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Fic: Carving Out Our Names. Brendon/Ryan. NC-17. [Sep. 16th, 2009|12:25 pm]
I like you.

popoffacork writers have been revealed! Of course the awesome fic I received was by softlyforgotten, and I in turn wrote pining early years Brendon/Ryan for her. <3

( Carving Out Our Names. Brendon/Ryan. NC-17. )
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Fic: Dance With A Ghost. Brendon/Ryan. PG. [Aug. 5th, 2009|07:06 pm]
I like you.

Last night I was sad and couldn't sleep so I told myself a story. When I woke up it I thought other people would like to hear it, so I wrote it down. This is super heavily inspired by imagery from Baz Luhrmann's version of Romeo + Juliet. My beta suggested that listening to this song as you read might assist with the mood. (For what it's worth, I mostly wrote it with this in mind, and the title comes from there as well.) Hope you enjoy. :)

Dance With A Ghost. Brendon/Ryan. PG.Collapse )
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Fic: Give Me Empathy. Brendon/Ryan, Spencer/Jon. PG. [Jul. 22nd, 2009|06:23 pm]
I like you.

On another note entirely, here is a fic about boys with superpowers.

Give Me Empathy. Brendon/Ryan, Spencer/Jon. PG.Collapse )
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