FIC: craving for days to misbehave with you (1D, Niall/Harry, Explicit, 3k)

Oh man you'd think that the night before a seven hour drive you'd wanna get to sleep early so you're not a total zombie right? I mean you'd be super right, but you'd also not be me. I've been feeling slackery because I haven't posted anything longer in ages (though the ficlet Tumblr sees consistent action) so I decided tonight to just finish some goddamn thing, thus I am answering lookingatstars and her tag pleas for me to complete the Niall/Harry fic I'd been teasing. This is also for hungerpunch, who didn't ask for it and might not even ship this but should have nice things because she's great? Here's a thing, Lo! Yay, a thing!

Title is from hittin lix by Kitty Pryde, which is actually totally a Zayn/Louis song but also great just generally for writing porn to, so here we are.

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Fic: Fevered (One Direction, Niall/Zayn + OT5, Explicit, 7k)

Here is a story! Listen I know I keep saying that but it's because I keep writing stories, that's why. You're going to have to live with that. This one was helped along by the noble efforts of lookingatstars, who rolled with me line by line through the first third of it, Kiersten and Shanicka who kindly looked it over at four o'clock in the morning lol my life, with some nice encouragement along the way from Molly and the collective of muffins over at Tumblr who still tell me they want to read my fic even though I mostly just whine all the time. Thanks you guys! I love you lots!

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Fic: Fuck With You (One Direction, OT5, Explicit, 10k)

Here is another story! It's uh. OT5 about Niall Horan, but different than the last one. Cool? COOL! For their assistance along the way as I bitched and moaned about this story, I'd like to thank ivyenglish, who came to stay for a week and got an Amber Benson cameo and surprise Phantom Planet set presumably as karmic recompense for having to listen to me whine about this IRL, lookingatstars who dealt with constant fake-outs as I was like "I'm gonna finish this tonight!!" and then didn't do it like three different times at least, and still kindly read it over tonight to boost up my ego, and castoffstarter, who totally handles my tackling her whenever she posts late night at Tumblr. So uh. I can complain about whatever I'm writing. THANKS GUYS! You put up with my ridiculousness, and for that I love and appreciate you!

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Fic: Take The Edge Off (One Direction, OT5, Explicit, 17k)

So, it's my birthday today! A few years ago in bandom I posted a story on my birthday, and it was really awesome to get comments that day (like presents!) so I thought I would try that this year. Um, except then I had a lot of feelings so this ended up super long. Loudest of love to gigantic, who has leant her time and home to let me hang around and write this and read bits out loud to her these past few weeks, and then let me come over tonight and stay until literally 3:30 in the morning so I could finish it and she could read it along the way and tell me it was good. Thank you also to violentfires for encouragement along the way, and the 3point5seats girls who looked forward to reading this, and have been there as we all fell down this rabbit hole together. ♥ Hope you all enjoy.

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basically my life advice is to never care about anything

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Anyway, so those are my feelings on that. My birthday's this Friday (the 18th!) and I have Big Plans to finish this One Direction fic and post it that day, so I'm going to go work some more on that now.

In the meantime, if you're looking for a good alcoholic beverage, lately I've found that mixing Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai Tea (basically this is flavored soy milk) with flavored vodka creates some real magic. So far I've tried it with coconut vodka and whipped cream vodka. Basically the chai has enough going on nutrient-wise that you can't really get a hangover. It's great. Collapse )

is your British ass happy now?

UGH YES OKAY I'VE FALLEN VICTIM TO ONE DIRECTION FANDOM. This is not surprising if you follow me on Tumblr, which is where I spend most of my days, chillin' out maxin' and relaxin' all cool and reblogging pictures of Harry Styles being a perfect human being etc. I really thought my Sherlock fannishness would stick around but it's hard to focus when new canon only comes every year and a half and nobody is canonically eighteen. God RPF, I might experiment with media fandoms, but you know I always come back to you!

So far 1D fandom seems to be sort of a rabbit hole that people fall into and then end up looking into things and finding fic and primers and pics and feelings (everywhere feelings!!!) but in case you haven't done that and you want to here are some recommendations for ways to get up on this action:

Really big impressive primer from someone who's been in the fandom since the XF days
Mostly Harry/Louis-centric primer which is cool because OTP
Why Everyone Should Ship Larry I'm pretty sure this is the post that won me over to this fandom
Harry Styles and his weirdo jealousy by weirdo I do kind of mean amazing
A big collection of lots of older Harry/Louis pics and moments in case you were getting too much air and wanted to drown yourself in feels
Harry/Louis .gif collection wheeee
f a b u l o u s OT5 .gif collection post! like this is literally the cuddliest band I can't???
another awesome Harry/Louis quote/gif collection because do you have something better to do with your time than look at them NOPE YOU DON'T
More Harry/Louis primer-ness heyo
Why You Should Ship Ziam holla at my secondary OTP
Never enough jealous!Harry analysis tbh

And some of my personal favorite Harry/Louis canon. Let's all play a game called "Explain These Actions With A Conclusion Other Than That They're Dating":

Sugarscape interviews Niall: and Niall the purple-hoodied Irish Easter egg is adorable, but the point of this clip is how at 3:18 (turn your speakers up), off-camera and (probably?) not aware that they're audible, Harry says "Louis, can I give you a blowjob?" and Louis answers "I'd love for you to, just wait." Audio isolated here. Niall hears it and looks over and laughs, while everyone else on planet Earth tries to figure out how exactly Harry could be joking.
Musique Plus interview: Usually in interviews, virtually whenever they're asked what they look for in a girl, Harry wins at the Pronoun Game by invariably answering with what he looks for in a person (here's a favorite, I like this one too). In this case he actually says "it helps if you can hold a conversation with him." Audio isolated here (along with a .gif of his face!) if you want to dwell on it. But yo he definitely is talking about what he looks for in a dude.
One Direction after the Brits: They're asked what artist at the show they'd snog and at 1:50 Harry says he'd definitely snog Adele, then glances at Louis, who's gone all crabby, and then tells him "sorry," which I guess is a normal apology to give to a platonic friend NOPE JUST KIDDING IT ISN'T.

Given the pretty extensive canon this fandom doesn't have the backlog of fic necessary to meet my needs (everything: is all about me) but one_d_fanwork seems to be posting at a good clip and I'm hoping that more folks will start putting their stuff up on AO3. It seems like a good number of people post their fic to Tumblr which currently is one of those situations that makes me all BACK IN MY DAY WE HAD TO WALK UPHILL BOTH WAYS JUST TO FIND A YAHOOGROUP and also it usually tends to be a formatting disaster (like srsly your shit better be like super pornographic dirty talk gangbang fic if I'm expected to deal with tiny green text in a three inch column on a dark green background or whatever the fuck) so I haven't read much that isn't posted on LJ. I'm a hopeless reccer (usual feelings on a fic I liked a lot: it was hot \o/) but here are some stories I've enjoyed recently anyway: Collapse )

Okay that's my post! Really I'm just trying to prepare anyone who stills reads this journal for the coming onslaught of 1D fic I'm going to be writing. I'm excerpting at Tumblr if you'd like to jump in. Come party with me. LET'S TALK ABOUT HARRY STYLES.